WordPress Tuition Classes and Courses, and Much More

I am creating a new way to teach, creating Community Focused Learning and WordPress Courses, with one overall cost and how much you contribute to the cost of the course, depends on how many others we can get to join in with us. I say ‘us’ because I am just as involved in the Learn/Teach process, as any of my students. No class or course goes by without the teacher being taught and learning some valuable new information or teaching techniques and experiences along the journey!

Example 1: 
My 14 Day WordPress / Web Design Tuition Course cost is: £2800.00 for 14 days, or 112 hours spread over 14 days (flexible timetable intended)
Example Solution: 
I have 10 students, each student can afford a different amount in contributions...
Students 1-6 can afford £400 each as a contribution to the course. 

The course costs received so far: 6 x £400 = £2400
The remainder of my course costs required is: £400. 

The next 4 students only need to pay £100 each for the remainder of the course costs.
The full cost or the remainder can be split however the students wish to split it. 
Split-the-bill is now a common term used when out socialising, so why not when learning too ? 

As the more of your friends or family you get to join the course, the cheaper and more accessible it is for all!  
I have decided on a maximum of 10 Students on each online course, this may change as I continue, it maybe too many, or I may be able to accommodate more. The first trial of my course will be the determining factor on numbers in the classroom in future courses.

My WordPress Courses are taught online, which is new for me, come and get involved! 🙂

My preferred Teaching is always in the classroom, but that is not always possible, and the world seems to be very used to getting online after the last few years. Its a new venture for me, I have created a Brand New Private Learning Portal for all my Students! (which is hosted right behind and inside, in the backend of this website, only registered students will see what it looks like)

Face to face in person learning is now old fashioned! ;) 

Any Venue Hire for Face-to-Face Training and my Travel Costs will be an added extra on top of the course fees. 
Happy to travel to any location. If you have a local community centre, office space, or large enough venue for the WordPress Courses then lets book a course! 
And of course, 1-2-1 Classes and Courses are always available. 
Sometimes 1-2-1 tuition is the only way some people prefer to learn.

And remember In-Person-Face-to-Face courses, student numbers can be much more than 12 ;) 

In Person Venues must have good internet, desks/tables and facilities for food, drinks and breaks, decent free parking is always useful. Open to providing residential gatherings, where we stay for the duration.

To partake in my WordPress Courses students must have own laptop or desktop computer for the duration of the course. WordPress Web Design is all created, managed and completed online, and a good internet connection is important. Your computer needs to have a webcam and/or microphone for these classes, and I will provide links to the software we will use to communicate and learn together. 

1 Day, 2 Day, 3 Day, 7 Day or 14 Day WordPress Courses are my Offerings, it’s up to you how many students enrol.

All my years of teaching, there are always students who can’t afford the full price, and sometimes that’s been me. So I know what it’s like, to want to learn something that you just can’t afford the full price of. I also believe that charging large amounts of money for each individual student, like most mainstream education establishments currently do, which I have also in the past taught in, is not the way forward anymore. How can education be inclusive for all when the costs of learning participate in creating barriers and exclusivity? I want to help to change these barriers by these offerings in my Classroom.

The reasons people today might need a website are huge. Not everyone can afford to pay someone else to do it for them. Paid for web services like Squarespace and Wix often becoming very limiting with what they offer, more often than not clients have come to me because they become stuck with these services, and become more expensive in the long run. I want to open up peoples opportunities by offering a solution to learn how to create and manage a website for yourselves. If you learn enough with me, you could then go on to make websites for others as a career, or even teach others like I do! The possibilities for expansion and expression are endless! When you know how to work with WordPress. 

Community Learn / Teach is My New Way Forward… 😉

And don’t forget, I also teach Yoga! 😉 A days computer work should always start with a Yoga Session, it counteracts all that sitting and preps your mind for the days work ahead…