” Make your own rules, and then break them!” 

Miss Cake – Your Teacher

Rules are important, but should only be guidelines. We are all adults who know right from wrong… but just incase, I’ve listed a few of MicroSkool’s Do’s and Do Not’s below! 

1) Swearing

Swearing happens, alot, when making websites! And is allowed. So please forgive any videos with swearing, a “Caution Swearing” warning maybe in place before a video starts, or it maybe as part of the video description.

Web design and WordPress can be FRUSTRATING, swear words are like punctuation, (my personal opinion)

MicroSkool is for Adults, and later on, will be providing classes for children, if you are attending one of my courses with your children, please be aware of the above. I try to contain my language, but swear words slip out, and other classmates may just get frustrated too!

If you would like your children or teenagers to attend a class or course at the same time as your booking, please reach out before making your booking, and I will make sure that the course content is appropriate.

WordPress is for everyone, I am focusing on adult classes to start with, and will create specific classes for children in the near future. Children maybe best suited for the beginners courses, these days children are so bright and have a huge understanding of the tech world, that they might be able to help you with your Adult learning too! 

2) Be NICE

No forms of abuse, harrassment, bullying are tolerated on this website, in the chat rooms, during live classes, or in forums.

If a member makes you feel uncomfortable or says anything thats out of order, please contact me, Miss Cake, your teacher, and I will deal with it, I have complete access to every part of the website, front end and back, so I can see and read everything. Please forward or screenshot, save and send, where necessary.

I will remove anyone and any content that is seen to be inapproriate, or deemed abusive or out of order.

3) Class Start Times

Turn Up for Classes or Courses, Early please. Login to your accounts, and be ready for your class, sign in to the Discord Channel, your Micro Skool Hosting Account, and have all that you need for each day ready.

Be prepared with any drinks and snacks you might need, make sure you have no distractions around you (external noise / other people) ((unless those people are part of the class and booked on to the course)) And keep your phone on silent.

Have your tech / accessories tested, ready and working (microphone / laptop / web cam / computer, internet, etc)

Having all these things ready BEFORE the class starts, means you and your fellow classmates will get the best experience, and being late, or not being tech ready delays start times, and takes away valuable learning time.

Microphones must be muted if there is any background noise in your vacinity.

Message me in good time if your going to be late, or cannot attend. We’re all human after all 

4) Class Recordings – Website Content

I will be using a screen recorder to record eveything I do during a class, this records on video, my screen, my voice, my microphone, and my web cam. What I record will be saved, and then uploaded to the relevant course library, for the course that you are booked onto.

Micro Skool Classes and Courses will be recorded whenever possible. I plan to record every session, and then edit the videos ready for uploading. Sometimes I will not edit them at all, and they will be uploaded in their raw format as they are, from each class or session.

I will attempt to split the recordings into sections, so it makes it easier for you to rewatch after.

Any interaction from you, either via your web cam or microphone, during the class, will also be recorded and become part of the whole recording, and everything we all do will be captured on the screen.

You are welcome to not use your web cam and use a picture, or keep it off, and to keep your microphone muted when your not speaking, but I will need to talk to you, ask questions and require feedback during each class.

Your voice will be needed!  And I welcome all interactions during each class, but I understand not everyone enjoys beoing on camera! Its taken me years to get used to it. Only your fellow classmates will be able to see the videos recorded from our class or session,

I may edit and use some parts or sections from any class or course I teach, to create content for site wide, whole skool, and video library categories.

If at any time that content creation invloves any of Your content or data, I will always ask your permission to use it first! Standard! 

Course Content on this website is for PAID Members and Subscribers ONLY.

Free to Video Content can be shared publicly, but an account will need to be made to view.

5) Data and Protection

Using MicroSkools Hosting is free for the duration of your class or course.

The Hosting Access is ONLY for paid class / course subscribers and MicroSkool Members.

Sharing any of Your MicroSkool account or login details with anyone who is not a registered and paid member of MicroSkool will be seen as a GDPR and data protection breach, and will be dealt with accordingly.

MicroSkool membership / accounts are only activated After we have had a face to face video call, via DiscordTelegramFacetime or Jitsi.

If I already know you then great!  No problem, but the rules above still apply!

Your DATA that is logged / registered / stored on this website will never be shared with anyone outside of this website.

I use anti-spam, security and monitoring plugins and applications on both the MicroSkool main website, and the MicroSkool Library website, which may be used to screen visitor comments and will be checked and held for monitoring through an automated spam detection service.

MicroSkool is a Collaboration; Student and Teacher and Community, Rules and Boundaries are important!

Please Comment Below… “Read and / or Agree!”  To show that you have read the terms above, agree and understand them.

If you need to ask questions, reach out.

The Admin email address is admin@microskool.uk please use it, for questions, issues and feedback.

Thank You!

Please read the websites general Privacy, GDPR – T&C’s here