Software & Tech Requirements - Skool Funding

Over the last year I have spent a lot of time testingtriallingresearching and working out the best software’s available for teaching online. 

I found some amazing solutions, that are either Free or very Affordable for both Teacher and Students to use.

I do not expect my students to spend any extra money while learning and during any of my WordPress Courses here at Micro Skool.

The only cost a student may have is the cost of a domain name, if they wish to purchase one before the course starts, but this is optional and not required. My hosting and server offers the option to create and host a sub-domain on so you don’t need to buy your own domain name. 

I do offer hosting to clients, but I do not class my Students as Clients, so while you are learning, your hosting is free. You are welcome to purchase your own hosting, I can point you where to go, this option is not recommended for WordPress Beginners.

After your course has finished, you can then migrate your new website to your own hosting and domain name, and this I can teach you, but only as part of either the 7 or 14 day courses.

The WordPress Courses and Contribution Based Course Fees are the only expense I will ask of my Students. This covers my time (wages) and some of the Skool running costs.

The costs below are my set up and predicted running costs of Micro Skool and are listed below for transparency, and to educate the reader on what options are out there for everyone to utilise and use.

Knowledge is freedom, education is essential, alternative education is thee only way forward in an ever so strange world we are now living in.

Micro Skool is currently open to Adults, but I will be offering Classes and Courses to Children, once I have got things up and running, and ironed out any tech or software glitches. Believe me there will be some!  There always is!

Hence my up and coming trial WordPress Course… very soon… I think in March / April 2024 I will be ready!

I will be opening up Micro Skool to Other Teachers and Different Subjects in the future. 

Please use the tabs below to read more... 😉

Software Used / Required by Teacher / Micro Skool Running Costs

  • WordPress: - Free
  • Opera Browser: Preferred for both Students and Teacher - Free
Annual Skool Running Costs
  • MicroSkool Hosting - Micro Skool may need to Upgrade to Bigger Plan, New Monthly Costs TBC - Possibly around £25.00 Per Month
  • Spike Email App - For course and group discussions, emails, and text based questions and answers: Via Phone, Tablet or Desktop: Monthly Fee for Teacher $10.00 a month
  • Server Side - Domain Registrations, Renewals and Management - Variable Costs Annually
  • Server Side - Theme, Template, Plugins, Subscriptions and Renewals - Variable Costs Annually
Screensharing and Live Classes
  • Telegram App - Via Phone, Tablet or Desktop: Free or £34.90 per year
  • Discord - Free - Micro Skool may need to upgrade C8ke Studio's Discord Server to Nitro Annual Subscription $99.99 (approx £83.00) per year
  • Screenpal - For Teacher Use and Student Participation - Screen Record, Screen Annotate, Infographics - Cross Platform/Device Compatibility - This Screencast Provider, includes Video Hosting! (500gb a month bandwidth) Which is the best deal I have found so far 😉 Software and Password Protected Video Hosting, all-in-one. So both Teacher and Student can; view, upload, annotate, comment on videos, classes and courses, in private! - £63.00 per year
  • Reflector 4 and AirParrot 3 - iPad, iPhone, Android, Screen Mirroring / Broadcast Software - Teacher Only - £34.63 (Airparrot 3 for mirroring my devices and screens to other devices and screens, and also to students screens - yet to be tested)
  • Snagit Is similar to Screenpal, but seems to be a better quality application, so I may swap it out for Screenpal, if so: £60.92 per year (snagit comes with its own video hosting too, which is extra, I think...)
Post Production, for creating Video Library Content
  • VideoProc Vlogger - Video Editing Software - Teachers Choice of Video Editing Software - Free

Hardware Used / Required by Teacher / Micro Skool To Purchase

  • Computer / Laptop - ESSENTIAL
  • Webcam - External or Internal: ESSENTIAL
  • Microphone - External or Internal: ESSENTIAL
  • Second Monitor - (optional for students) A friend has one to Donate to Micro Skool! Awesome!  
  • Teacher needs a new Web Cam! - £££?
  • Teacher Possibly needs a new Microphone, current headset is great for WordPress Courses, but needs a bluetooth one for Yoga Classes - £££? 
  • Teacher needs a new desk! £££?
  • Teacher wants to build a Green Screen, just for fun!  £££?

Taking C8ke Studio and Micro Skool on the road!

C8ke Studio is manifesting her Dream Studio to Create, Teach, Learn, Travel and Work.

If you know of any such workshop / studio / artist space please let Micro Skool know.

C8ke Studio and MicroSkool will be going mobile!

A Truck is going to be converted so that C8ke Studio's Sewing, Yoga and Micro Skool can be taken anywhere via mobile workshop!

I have just passed my HGV driving test and so I can get a BIG truck. Years of planning and its all coming together!

If you want to help with the Skool Truck Conversion, donate to C8ke Studio or get involved in future teaching with Micro Skool, please do get in touch.

Any help and support is much appreciated! 🙂

Bubble O Seven (pictured below) will not be needed anymore, and will be sold to add funds to the pot to buy a bigger truck 😉

What Every Student Will Use and Need

  • Provide Own Laptop Or Desktop (desktop prefered)
  • Opera Browser: Preferred for Students to Use, its quick and lightweight: Free
  • Discord App - Via Phone, Tablet or Desktop: Free
  • Telegram App - Via Phone, Tablet or Desktop: Free
  • Spike Email App - For course and group discussions, emails, and text based questions and answers: Via Phone, Tablet or Desktop: Free
  • Access to WordPress - Which will be Hosted on MicroSkool's Own Server: Via the Online Student Admin Area: Only Accessible for Paid Students

Please consider Donating to Micro Skool: Thank You!

Day 1 WordPress Course Contributions£1Raised£240